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David of Thessaloniki, originally uploaded by Nick in exsilio.

Whatever functions Church History may or may not serve, the discipline is a limitless source of arcane ephemera for your next pub-quiz.

This weekend I was going back through some photos I took while visiting the former Chora Church of St. Saviour on the outskirts of Istanbul (now the Kariye Museum, and prior to that the Kariye Mosque).

This is an image from the parekkesion, a chapel connected to the main body of the basilica.

I didn’t have a guidebook, but was able to deduce from the Greek inscription that this image of a man in a tree was a David who dwelt in Thessalonica.

A little bit of googling (and nothing more careful than that) reveals that this is Saint David the Dendrite or David of Thessaloniki (d. 540).

While I had heard of the Stylites (hermits who lived at the top of pillars), hermits living in the tree-tops were new to me.

Now I just need to find the right kind of pub quiz.

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